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Experience the meeting of the unique Cappadocia landscape with the sky in an adrenaline-filled way.

While Cappadocia fascinates its visitors with its history, valleys, fairy chimneys and underground cities, it also enchants them with its activities.

How about watching the magnificent view of Cappadocia, which is also protected by Unesco, from the sky, full of adrenaline?

A thrilling experience awaits you with your paragliding flight, led by a professional pilot accompanying you.

You can also plan your visit to Cappadocia right now and enjoy this wonderful experience.

Historical Texture

Historical Texture

As Kalsedon Cave Suites, we invite you to discover the historical texture of Cappadocia, to feel its graceful ambiance, and to experience the joy of unique stories in our story that began in Çat Valley.

Cave Hotel Experience in the Çat Valley

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How to Get to the Beautiful Land Cappadocia?

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About the Cappadocia Chat Valley

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What You Need to Know Before Going to Cappadocia

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