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Vip Transfer

Just so you can think about your vacation!

As Kalsedon Cave Suites,we are here to serve you so that you can focus on your vacation. We are here to ensure that you have a pleasant holiday in Cappadocia, one of the world's most ancient cities! As Kalsedon Cave Suites, we provide you a private with transfer service from the first moment you arrive in the city, in our hotel located close Tuzköy airport.

• From Tuzköy (Cappadocia) Airport → to Kalsedon Cave Suites

• From Kayseri Airport → To Kalsedon Cave Suites

• From Kalsedon Cave Suites → To Kayseri Airport

• From Kalsedon Cave Suites → To Tuzköy (Cappadocia) Airport

• From the Bus Station → To Kalsedon Cave Suites

• From Kalsedon Cave Suites → Bus Station

As the Kalsedon Cave Suites family, you can take advantage of our regular and reliable transfer service, which we provide by car or private service, to make your vacation enjoyable and comfortable.

Historical Texture

Historical Texture

As Kalsedon Cave Suites, we invite you to discover the historical texture of Cappadocia, to feel its graceful ambiance, and to experience the joy of unique stories in our story that began in Çat Valley.

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