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About the Cappadocia Chat Valley

Cappadocia, which is one of the most special places of natural wonders of Turkey that does not stop counting, is also a region that dazzles with its magnificent valleys that it includes. You will have a fascinating experience with short trips to the extraordinarily beautiful valleys located within the borders of Cappadocia. There is a wonderful valley between these valleys that is waiting to be explored dec

This is the valley; Cappadocia is the Valley of the Roof.

Where is the Crack Valley?

The Cappadocia Chat Valley takes its name approximately 7-8 km from Nevsehir. it is named after the resort of Chat, which is located at a distance of. Starting from the town of Çat, from which it gets its name, the Çat Valley goes towards the Gülşehir Open Palace ruins area when you move towards the north-south direction. The Chat Valley finally has a route punctuated by Open palace ruins. It is possible and easy to reach the Çat Valley from Nevşehir by public transportation. Cappadocia Chat Valley is actually a natural wonder valley that has not been fully appreciated until today. As in all Cappadocia valleys, Çat Valley is a place that should be evaluated in terms of tourism with its historical texture, fascinating atmosphere and cultural richness in its natural structure.

The Çat Valley, which has the potential to attract a large number of people every year from a tourist point of view, is always a candidate to become one of the most favorite regions of Cappadocia. For this reason, a feverish study has been carried out by the Çat Municipality in the Çat Valley in recent days. There is a set of cleaning and regulatory activities that are being meticulously carried out to make the region a tourist paradise in the coming years.

What to Do in the Crack Valley?

Decat Valley, like all other Cappadocian valleys, is a structure where you can perform many activities together from a tourist point of view. You can have the luxury of going on a nice tour with a hot air balloon, which is the first activity that comes to mind when it is called Cappadocia in the region, and watching the fairy chimneys below. In addition, there is an extremely special hiking trail for trekking enthusiasts.

Recently, the Cappadocia Chat Valley has been working to have a richer activity portfolio with the emphasis on tourist activities. One of these activities is ATV safari, which is also one of the pupil activities of the valleys. ATV safari lovers can get the opportunity to satisfy their adventure passions in the rugged and rocky structure of the region. Again, one of the activities that you can do in the coming years in the Chat Valley is horse riding tours.

Chat Valley Pigeon Houses

Cappadocia Çat Valley is a region with extraordinary historical and cultural traces. There are also structures in the natural concept of the region that you may not have come across anywhere on Earth before. One of the structures intertwined with this unique nature is the pigeon houses, the number of which is almost three thousand. Pigeon houses are carved structures from tuff rocks. Çat Valley pigeon houses, which also have an extremely interesting feature from the point of view of tourists coming to the region, are also quite unusual in terms of structure.

The reason why the Chat Valley pigeon houses date back to today is actually the breeding of pigeons in the Roman period. The people of the region, who use the fertilizer provided by pigeon breeding to get more efficient products, also shed light on the permanence of pigeon houses and their extension to the present day.

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