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Cave Hotel Experience in the Çat Valley

Kalsedon Cave Suites, It is a hotel located in Cappadocia with a cave hotel concept, where you can enjoy peace with its extraordinary atmosphere and authentic structure.

Kalsedon Cave Suites,It is located 6 km from the city of Nevsehir. it is located in the Chat Valley, which is located far away, dazzles with its unique nature, historical and cultural riches. Çat Valley is one of the most special regions of Cappadocia with its unique natural rocky structure, abundance of fairy chimneys, underground cities, pigeon houses, clichés and monasteries carved into the rocks, visual richness that you can find very rarely even on earth. The longest valley in Cappadocia (7 km in total. the Çat Valley, which is considered to be famous for its long hiking trails, has also become an extremely important region in terms of tourism day by day. The valley allows you to do many nature activities, from a hot air balloon tour to an ATV safari, long-distance walks to horseback tours.

Cave Hotels in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a very special region in terms of cave hotels. There are volcanic mountains that have a share in the historical past and formation of the Cappadocia region. These mountains can be considered as Erciyes Mountain, Güllü Mountain and Hasan Mountain. In fact, the impact of the lava coming out of these volcanic mountains has laid the foundations of the structural design of the Cappadocia region. For this reason, currently, the cave hotel concept is widely preferred in the Cappadocia region. If you are thinking of a holiday or accommodation experience in Cappadocia, it is impossible not to get caught up in the charming atmosphere of cave hotels. Chalcedon Cave Suites is one of the first accommodation places that comes to mind in this sense with both its architectural structure and its authentic hotel concept when it is called Cappadocia cave room hotels.

Kalsedon Cave Suites, It allows you to experience the cave hotel at the highest point. The rooms with different concepts located in the hotel open the doors of a fairy-tale world that you have not experienced before.

King Suit Room

One of the concept rooms in Kalsedon Cave Suites is the King Suite room. The King Suite room is heated from the floor and has a cabin with a bathtub and a shower. The 1 King Suite rooms in the hotel offer a truly fascinating accommodation experience with their stone carved architecture.

Suit Rooms

The suites located in Kalsedon Cave Suites, as a concept, again emphasize the cave texture intensively. The underfloor heated Suite rooms also have a bathtub and a shower cabin, just like the King Suite rooms. There are 51 suites in total, and Cappadocia cave room is an extremely special choice for you to fully experience the hotel experience.

Kalsedon Cave Suites gives you an extraordinary cave hotel accommodation experience where a mystical world embraces you from the outside and a charming atmosphere welcomes you when you enter it. This is an extraordinary accommodation experience where you can feel the unique texture of Cappadocia to your very bones. Just like an authentic journey back in history…

Cave Hotel Experience in the Çat Valley

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